Learn to Access Your Funds Days Sooner with Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a safe and fast way to access your funds quicker as they become available. It is easy to set up and it can also help you manage your finances much more effectively.

Moreover, direct deposit also makes it easier to build a budget as you know exactly when you are going to have funds deposited into your account. This type of reliability that comes with direct deposit improves your economic health and helps you make better spending decisions. This method is also safe to use and protects your from potential fraud.

Learn About Direct Deposit Benefits

You have access to a wide variety of benefits when you enroll in direct deposit, which will help you improve your financial stability. For instance, your bank might incentivize you to set up and maintain direct deposit in your account to receive funds. They might offer you monthly rewards such as coupons, money back for shopping and more.

Moreover, you may reduce or eliminate the monthly handling fee of your bank account when you set up for direct deposit. This fee is designated to cover processing costs, which you can eliminate simply by establishing direct deposit. Other fees such as those for not having a minimum amount in your account may also be waived when you set up this service.

Learn About Government Benefits and Direct Deposit

You can set up direct deposit to receive your bi-weekly or monthly government benefits. These benefits include unemployment, Social Security, veteran benefits and more. By doing this you also have some extra benefits other than receiving your funds on time. For instance, you can avoid or dispute any discrepancies that arise with any of your benefits, such as underpayment or overpayment such as for unemployment benefits. To establish direct deposit, you may ask for help in your unemployment agency and the staff will assist you with the set up. You can also obtain a prepaid card similar to the electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card used for food stamps benefits. You may choose this option in case you don’t have a bank account to link with your direct deposit.

Learn About the Environmental Benefits of Direct Deposit

By choosing direct deposit, you also benefit the environment by reducing some of the negative consequences of waste and CO2 emissions. Ways you can reduce waste is by opting out of paper statements and choosing online banking instead. Moreover, you can reduce pollution caused by motor vehicles you use to take a trip to the bank, to deposit a check or run other errands. You can avoid most of these by setting up direct deposit to receive your funds.

How to Save Money with Direct Deposit

When you set up direct deposit for your account, your accountability for what you spend also increases. This starts right when you get your funds deposited into your account, because is not as easy to spend your money as soon as you get it. For instance, if you were to deposit a check instead you would be able to cash out some of the money right away and run the risk of spending it too quickly. Moreover, you have the option of splitting your funds with direct deposit. For example, you can set it up so some of your money goes to your savings account, and the rest to your checking account for you to spend. This will enable you to build an emergency fund in case you may need it. You can also use additional features such as online banking to regulate spending. You can see what you spend on online purchases as well as other account activity such as purchases you make with your debit card. Furthermore, by having your funds in a card instead of cash can minimize impulse spending habits. Carrying less cash on hand is the first step to decrease overspending, and this can start by setting up direct deposit.

How to Pay Bills Quicker

By using direct deposit, you can set up automatic bill payment for your account. Since you know when you will be receiving your funds thanks to direct deposit, it is possible to set payments in advance and pay your bills quicker. Moreover, by setting up automatic payments every month, you can avoid having late fees and other penalties associated with missing payments, which will also save you money. Direct deposit will also prevent you from getting stress associated with financial budgeting, which can be complicated at times. This convenient service helps you build a structure for a strong budget and establish monthly limits on your spending habits based on the day you expect to receive your funds.

How to Establish Direct Deposit

There are many ways for you to establish your direct deposit. For instance, you could go to your financial institution for assistance. Many times, your employer may also help you establish this service, all you have to do is provide them with your account number and routing number. Many times, however, you may also have to provide your employer with a voided check or a letter of authorization that you can get at your bank. Then, they will confirm with you that your direct deposit is ready for you to receive your funds. Keep in mind that you can only set up direct deposit for yourself, as doing it for someone else can lead to security breaches.

Additional Information

Finally, you should take a look into other benefits that banks may offer when you open a new account and set it up to receive funds through direct deposit. Make sure you maintain receiving your funds through this service to keep benefits such as low to no maintenance fees. By keeping your direct deposit active you will have additional security and avoid potential breaches that may happen when11 you do transactions through the mail or when your receive paper statements.


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