Learn About Housing Grants

Funding given to qualifying individuals to purchase a home is referred to as a housing grant. These individuals or families must meet a certain set of criteria specific to a housing grant program in order to qualify for assistance.

A multitude of programs that offer housing grants are in existence—whether run by state or local governments. Unlike housing loans, grants do not need to be repaid if the precipitant adheres to the stipulations of the program.

What are the available Housing Grants?

Of the many housing grants out there, there are some that may be specific to your situation and others that you outright don’t qualify for. Housing grant programs can cater to a specific populations such as the disabled, veterans, seniors, new home buyers and more. As housing grant programs are popular with people from all walks of life, there can sometimes be a waiting list for entry into a program.

Learn About Housing Grants for the Disabled

In order to make housing affordable for disabled individuals with low income, the Section 811 program offers housing grants to qualifying citizens. This grant enables applicants with disabilities or limited mobility to live independently in their own homes.

Learn About Housing Grants for Veterans

Veterans of the United States Armed Forces who would like to buy or rent a home could qualify for assistance through multiple different programs. Vets have access to the VA home loan program which allows them to purchase homes at a much lower interest rate than a traditional mortgage and to also have closing costs covered. Veterans may also be eligible for assistance with making payments to their current mortgages and assistance with refinancing.

Learn About Housing Grants for Seniors

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has housing programs that helps senior citizens 62 years of age and older to obtain help in obtaining secure housing that allows them to remain independent. One such program is called Section 202, also known as the Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program. This program aims to provide housing options to seniors that supports them keeping a regular routine. This can include shopping, taking public or private transport as well as completing other household tasks such as cleaning.

Learn About Housing Grants for First-time Home Buyers

Citizens who plan to purchase a home fort the first time could qualify for grants form local and/or federal programs. At tax time, first-time homebuyers may also be eligible for tax breaks with the IRS.

Learn About Housing Vouchers

The final type of housing grant is housing vouchers. These vouchers are administered by local public housing authorities (PHAs) under Housing Choice Voucher Program which is commonly referred to as Section 8. Housing vouchers are free of charge and are reserved for households that are deemed low-income. Section 8 vouchers can be used by individuals to rent homes on the private market that accept vouchers. While the voucher does not cover the entire costs of a tenants rent, it does cover a significant amount which is based on the income of the holder.

What is the Housing Grant Application Process?

Before you get too excited about the prospect of getting a grant to pay for your housing costs, be sure you understand how to go about securing one. The process to apply for what is essential free money can be quite intensive and time consuming. It is important that you allow for enough time between when you apply and when you can expect to move into your new place. And in the case of the housing voucher process, the application process may not even begin until years later. This is due to the fact that many PHAs have closed the Section 8 waiting list due to high demand for housing and a low supply of available vouchers.

Note that the application process for each grant will vary since funding is derived from various types of sources. Interested residents should start by inquiring at their local public housing authority or HUD office.

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