Learn About Rental Assistance for Single Parents

Homelessness is a misunderstood and complex issue that affects many Americans. Furthermore, a large portion of homeless families consist of a single mother and one to three of her children.

Families with only one parent are highly vulnerable and tend to be the poorest because they have limited income sources.

Fortunately, there are organizations throughout America that can assist these low-income families. These organizations provide financial assistance for rent payments.

This is important because housing costs comprise a large portion of Americans’ expenses.

How Single Parent Rent Assistance Works

Numerous charities and non-profit organizations across the country provide various forms of aid to ow-income single-parent families. These charities and organizations provide assistance for the most pressing needs of low and very low-income families such as food and clothing.

In addition, these organizations may be able to help with mediation with landlords and acquiring specific grants to pay for things like utilities and rent. Sometimes, these organizations work together to provide assistance to families.

Who Can Apply for Single Parent Rent Assistance

There are a number of resource for single parents who are struggling to pay rent. However, parents should be aware that some programs are limited in the amount of financial assistance and services they can provide to low-income families.

For this reason, there is often a lot of competition for aid especially when families are looking to receive multiple services. Furthermore, certain features of households can impact eligibility.

These features include income level, family composition, living conditions and other applicable circumstances.

Learn About Single Parent Rental Assistance in the Private Sector

Many businesses and charity organizations within local communities greatly contribute to the financial aid that is given to single-parent households each year. The Salvation Army is one of the leading community charity foundations in providing aid for families. It is a large and highly influential organizations.

The Salvation Army helps to combat hunger and provide assistance to veterans. Moreover, the charity raises millions of dollars to help decrease homelessness and offer financial assistance to families who have trouble paying their bills.

Through the program, homeless citizens can find temporary shelter and transitional living centers if they are between apartments. The Salvation Army also provides counseling programs and job training services which can be very helpful for single parents trying to reduce their debts and improve their family’s lives.

There are other community organizations that provide assistance to single-parent households such as Goodwill and the Community Economic Development (CED) organization.

Both provide “preventative” services that help to combat poverty and homelessness before they become serious problems for single-parent homes. Charities like Goodwill are mostly known for providing affordable goods such as clothing and furniture to low-income Americans.

However, they also provide other beneficial services that are less known. These services include childcare, tutoring, financial aid and access to a network of other community service providers that can serve the various needs of low-income families. The CED is similar to Goodwill.

It offers community resources such as emergency housing, financial assistance for utilities, food and clothing and crisis intervention if there is abuse towards a child or spouse in a household.

It is important to know that services provided from these programs are primarily for single and two-parent households, not individuals.

Other community organizations target their efforts at families currently experiencing homelessness rather than combating poverty. Organizations like HELP and the Coalition for the Homeless focus on helping homeless families afford rent or find emergency shelter rather than offering preventative services.

These efforts differ from those of Volunteers of America which offers resources and information to low-income families who are looking for housing. Parents looking to obtain assistance from any of the organizations mentioned above can find information online or by contacting their local Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) office.

Learn About State and Federal Rental Assistance for Single Parents

Other than offering resources for financial assistance, HUD provides numerous housing services to low-income single-parent households. These services are funded on the state and national level.

While these services focus on qualifying low-income families, some are targeted specifically toward single-parents. The most widely-used HUD service is the Subsidized Housing Assistance program. Eligible families can rent housing units at a reduced price under this program.

This is because the government provides funds to landlords and property owners in order for them to support low-income families in their rentals. Eligibility requirements differ in each state and often change yearly. However, families must at least meet minimum income requirements to qualify.

Their incomes must be a certain percentage under the federal poverty line.

Low-income single parents can also look into HUD’s public housing rental units. This type of housing is located within specially-built project communities. These communities house other low-income single parent families.

They are not only located in high-rise apartments but in townhouses and homes as well. Public housing rentals are managed by local housing agencies which perform all the duties of landlords like collecting rent and maintaining the building.

Furthermore, some public housing communities offer specialized programs such as childcare and family counseling since all other tenants are low-income and would benefit from such initiatives. Just as with Subsidized Housing Assistance, public housing eligibility is largely based on income.

The Section 8 voucher program is another HUD service that low-income single parents can take advantage of. It is similar to the other two housing assistance programs mentioned above in most ways. However, Section 8 recipients have more freedom in where they choose to live.

Under this program, participants receive a housing voucher that allows then to choose from a wider variety of rental homes and apartments. This way, beneficiaries have more flexibility in their rent.

If an apartment or home qualifies for Section 8, an eligible low-income single parent family can present their voucher to their landlord and receive a reduced rent. Eligibility requirements for Section 8 are the most stringent and it is difficult for many families to qualify.

Income restrictions are lower for this program an there is a limited number of properties available under Section 8. Eligible families are placed on their local housing agency’s waiting list.

A family’s position on the last depends on their income, level of need and living situation.

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